Invitation to Character types

Recently, I began thinking about characters and how they develop and change as a story progresses. Some of these changes are dynamic and some not so dynamic. I want us to remember the types of characters that can appear in a story.

Here is a list.

False Protagonist
The protagonist
The secondary Character
Third person Omniscient
Third person limited
The Detached Observer
The Commentator
The Interviewer
The Secret Character

I rarely find many of these characters in stories and am motivated to wonder where they have wandered off. Did they find greener pastures in which to play? I wonder. Maybe, they stopped caring so much and stayed home. Regardless, we need to invite them out to play every once in a while. This we may find enjoyable, and, if we are lucky, we may find our writing improved as well. So, let us hear it for the forgotten character. The call has gone forth. Will you pick up the challenge and craft one or more of them into your next tale? I will.

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Many of you may know that I follow Candace at Moment Sketchers. She has risen once again to the challenge and succeeded. Somehow she seems to activate my internals. This time she posted a blog about cabins. After reading it click here I was compelled, which I am usually not, to write a comment. So many comments are banal. I want to share my comment and maybe expand on it.
Here is my comment:

So inspiring, I, as a writer, am thinking about spaces as loci for creation. The cabin motif stands as one such event. Cabins are unique in that they are separated from but by doing so they unify with.

Separate from Society/ Unify with Nature
Separate from the rush of life (qua skimming stone on water)/ unify with calm reflection (qua depth of inner being)
Separate from Exterior / Unify with interior (Although here this interior also has an exterior at the threshold like a window or door).

I love the cabins I have seen and experienced and lived and merged with over my years. They are mystic places for they never stand in the midst of society but exterior to it. Moreover, the openness they cause brings forth the fountain of creativity so sought for in life and so lost to us in society. We need these places of calm reflection as much as breath for both bring life and vibrancy to us and the world. Thank you for sharing. I dream of being able to sketch to paint to draw more than stick figures. Alas my craft is words. Still, I doodle. Mayhaps that is enough.

End of Comment.

I think I will expand on it, just not right now.

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Writers Wanted

Our writing group is looking for writers interested in submitting short stories the our Thieves World additions. If you are interested, please contact Kevin Pajak for more details.

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Thieves World installment #1

Finally, my first offering to the Thieves World universe is done. It took a bit longer than expected. Jim finished his (A Piece of Home), and I think his offering is fabulous. I hope you like mine.

Dance of Swords (Click Here) occurs in book seven (The Dead of Winter).

Both Jim and I started writing our offerings at the same time. However, mine took more revisions, which caused the delay. I actually published it several months ago, but just realized that I could not keyword/tag it as wordpress considers pages to not be tag-able (if that is a word). Jim suggested I make a blog post and use that to get the tags. So, I am.

Should you be interested in joining the other authors who are currently crafting Thieves World stories please feel free to contact me. I am more than happy to add a link to your story — If it is well written and remains true to the spirit set forth by Robert Asprin and Company.

Thieves World is a setting/universe where countless tales can be told within the confines of the twelve published works. These are all tales that should be told. I hope you join us in doing so.

Thank you,

Kevin Pajak

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How does one capture the sea?  Words have such stasis that they little serve. [i.e. have no potential/ities to *reflect that liquid flux] 

What is it that one finds so fascinating about oceans?  It seems that the mystical nature of the melding between light waves and water waves speak to us as intensities. The medium of water reveals many aspects of light’s nature.  People are forever holding this liquid up to the Li-G-ht. Holding it up into the l/I(gh)-T. The Light.  light.  To let the play of water and light bend and shift so a previously unknown facet can emerge in a way that our vision can see it.  This is not a pulling out of light one character of it.  (Rephrasing that last sentence: This does not pull out of light one of its characters.) No! This is wrong thinking.  Correct seeing understands that, when it is in water, light exists in a completely different way.  Light passes through water BUT it does more.  It plays. It sings. It dances.  It changes.  It bends reality.  It does all of this by immersion and blending, by melding and molding, by standing in the becoming flux/change.  This is the revealing play that water cha chas with light across the dance floor.  

So, how does one capture this with words?  In truth, it is possible to capture their interplay via words. The more depth and breadth covered in capturing either a moment or an aspect that has been revealed causes a **stretching in language.  It is here in this thinness where language has difficulty that light potentially falls out of language.  The mutable everchanging (i.e. Light) can only be discussed and capture in portions via language (i.e. words).  For the more one does so, the more language stretches.  At the limits of communication, language must become evermore incomprehensible to (capture) depict? Reveal… paint The Waves

Yes the waves of light and water through the medium of language can be discussed.  Alternatively, their interaction can be painted.  

Just as Candace Rose Rardon does in her watercolor.  Click Here We see in her water color beautiful, playful, emerging waves of light diving and melding with water.  
But where does that leave the word smith? I return to my initial question. How does one capture the sea? 

First we need to understand light.  Unlike the way light shines on objects natural or man made [refer to Martin Heidegger’s works], light merges and blends with water.  

So, we have to use language in new ways if we are to bring vibrancy and fullness to the sea in the ways that painters can.  It requires re-vision/ing of language.  We writers will have to demand the freedom needed to speak in these new ways. We will have to wash the readers in The Waves of words that are filled with a fresh newness.  The pounding surf echoes across time fluxing in the vibrancy of light giving the ocean depth of being.

As I watch these new rhythms of language unfold in my mind, the vision builds and I am washed away in light and water to be set adrift on the ocean. 


* more on reflection ala mirror ala reverberation later

** I want to explore the concept of how the stretching language occurs as a result of capturing light.  Its is as if light fills language beyond language’s capacity to communicate. 

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IN-SIDE the Music!!!

It’s all about the music but sometimes you want to hear the music in side the music.  You are in the music. IN SIDE it! Can you see the streams?  Here, take this.  It’s the music music pill. It’s called Leary’s. Freak the shit out!  It’ll let you see the threads so you can reach out and strum ’em.

YEahh dude. There was this one cat who heard the seen music so hard that he died IN-SIDE his own head.

WOW! I want ta go out that way dude.




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Art Meets Motion

I love travel writers.  They move and flow around places while giving glimpses of them to us in their writings so as to fill our minds with images, smells, activity, events, etc..  These little birds of flight peer into the unknown and share their findings.  This we all love about them.  I can sit at home and open the pages of a great travel book, and I’m there.  If it is well done, heck, I don’t ever have to actually visit that place because I have been there.  That is the power of these words that they spin.  Transposition occurs!

I am now standing, sitting, swimming–existing in the place where she once was.  If her writing excels, then I become her.  I move in the ways that she does.  I smell the smells and see everything.  The transformative, translocation, transmogrifying  power residing in the words written by the travel writer amazes me.   Excellent words have this potential.  Just thinking about this aspect of writing illustrates the power of words.

Here, at this moment, I question, What can surpass this aspect of writing for these kinds of effects?  I start to say, “Nothing . . .” Heck, I even almost put an exclamation point at the end of nothing!!!! I never do that. . . tisk.  Then, I magically run across something like this blog and the whole experience is taken to a new level.  I am only able to say this because the travel writer, who also is an artist, draws and writes about places.  No mere feat I assure you.  I could attempt to do so as well, but I don’t think stick figures cut it some how.

So, without further adieu I give you the blog of Candace Rose Rardon and entreat you to think about the blending of art and words, really existing in the same realm of imagination, and how this brings a new depth and breadth to travel writing.

I would end by saying something pithy, but I think I will let her work explain my words.

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