Here is a list of my works that are looking for a publisher.

Man in the Window – a short story literary anthology with author’s notes. (Finished: Looking for an agent or publisher).

Contributions: Fates of Our Lives, Way Station 9, Spyglass Hour, Inertia, The Bus, The Tree that Groaned my Name, Jungle Daze, The Canyon, Boardroom, Landing Party, Pets, Cold, Dawn’s Release, Charles, Charlie, Bottleman, Bar Tales, Lost Notes, Great Desert, Gug, Ocean so Blue, Fare Man, The Zagarus Chair, Nam Weekend, Summer Opened the Door, The Shop, Humming, Letters, Gas Station.

Space Epic (In process)
Novel zero for a long sci-fi series. In novel zero, we learn the history of the solar system, its worlds, the inhabitants, and a bit about the crew that saves them. Who will be selected as Captain of the new ship sent to save a dying solar system? What will they find in the far reaches of the galaxy?

The Disk of Creation (Creation phase)
This fantasy series contains thirteen books. It is in the dreaming state currently. I have not begun writing it yet.