Writers Wanted

Looking for short story writers to contribute to the Thieves World universe.  Writers should have an excellent grasp of the Thieves World universe.  Stories should be between 7,500 to 15,000 words in length.  Authors should create new or reuse their characters. Authors may not use any of the published characters as main characters; however, they may appear in a secondary role, but they may not be modified in any way. Authors may create new situations and craft stories in any manner that remains true to the Thieves World universe. If an author uses an existing situation or event, this use must fit into that the existing history of that situation or event. Any changes or alterations to the original published works are not allowed, including characters and situations.  Characters may only be killed or brought back into existence by the author who created them.  Authors are not allowed to perform revisionist history.  Other authors may use your characters and situations in the same manner as provided above as long as the original rules devised by Robert Asprin are followed, as set forth in the author’s notes of book one of the Thieves World series.

Authors should devise their stories to occur within the timeline of one of the original twelve published books.  No story that occurs outside of this published timeline will be accepted.  The magic system, although variable, should be followed as best as possible.  We understand that its nature alters throughout the series.  The same holds true for religions and gods.

Interested authors should first contact Kevin Pajak at: inquiries@kevinpajakwrites.com  

Please allow up to one month for a response.  If accepted, authors retain first rights and agree to digital publication of their work(s) on this blog and any other blog or website participating in this project.

Submissions will only be accepted in PDF format.  Do Not send submissions without first contacting Kevin Pajak.