On My Way to Notoriety

What are fame and popularity?  How do I reach Notoriety?” I asked myself.  No one responded.  What did I expect?  Here was I standing on an unused, overgrown dirt road with only myself to discuss such matters.  I stood in the hall of Nature, with her court arrayed around me.  The Wind King spoke through the branches. “Have you begun?” he asked.  “Yes, your Majesty, I have begun the journey to Notoriety.  Even though the city is so very far,” I said.

I have never been one to seek popularity, fame, or even fortune.  I have been too busy for that.  Now, however, it is time to slow down, time to change gears.  If I am to be heard over the multitude of voices that is both symphony and cacophony, I must seek to be known, at least by some.  Part of this entails exposure.  I guess that is one of the hard things to do.  Expose oneself to the others and all that entails.  I will be brave, as I have always tried to be, and set myself firmly on the road to Notoriety.

Towards this end, I opened this WordPress account.  I paid my dues and set about the attempt to make a space, if ever so small, for my voice to be heard through my writings.  First! I thought, my page needs a theme.  Unlike my fellow writer in our writing group, I took an eternity to chose a theme.  It must be important after all to have a look and feel that speaks about the writer to the readers who stop to read a thought or two.

“How to chose a theme,” this seems like a good topic that should be easily researched.  I looked but there was no substantial, concrete help.  So, I did it the hard way.  I analyzed each theme one by one.  Finally, I found one that would speak of me to those who stopped by my page.  Should it be colorful, but not too bright? I wondered.  Yes, was the reply.

“You can change it later,” came the cry from the other end of the writing table. A member of our writing group spoke, knowing how I take so long.  But it is important, to me at least, that it look good enough and that it match who I am.  After picking a theme, some multiple hours later, I see now that his is the most important lesson of the day.  You can change it.  So be brave, be bold, and realize that any theme will do, for now.

About Kevin Pajak

Of the many, many things I have done, nothing compares to the excitement I feel when writing and playing with both language and theory. Although challenging at times, wordplay brings a special flavor to the universe and allows all of us to see in unique and magic ways. Playing with language--that beast that can never be tamed--gives me an unfettered, ever new vision of the world around. I want to share this love of the written word through the stories I write and the language I craft.
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  1. M.C. Scripturus says:

    If you are looking to get started with the WordPress basics, this might be helpful:

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