The Ingenious John Banvard

The Ingenious John Banvard01

This is a wonderful tale full of imagery and imagination.  A must read for any young adult.  It is a timeless classic about the Mississippi River.  This is a true tale about a real artist’s struggles.

Join the artist as he struggles to overcome obstacles on his journey to discover the natural beauty that is the Mississippi River.  He begins by forming a plan of action.  He will paint the river.  First he needs a boat, funding, and supplies.  With determination and an unflagging will, he accomplishes his goal and conquers a river.  Now, he must take his sketches and bring them to life.  He does this by painting them on a 3 mile long canvas.  He then puts it on rollers to create the first motion picture.  The Mississippi comes to life as the painting scrolls across the stage.  He fills the room with images by narrating his adventure.  Audiences are spell bound.

Both nature lovers and Eco enthusiasts will love having their children discover the splendor of the mighty Mississippi.

About Kevin Pajak

Of the many, many things I have done, nothing compares to the excitement I feel when writing and playing with both language and theory. Although challenging at times, wordplay brings a special flavor to the universe and allows all of us to see in unique and magic ways. Playing with language--that beast that can never be tamed--gives me an unfettered, ever new vision of the world around. I want to share this love of the written word through the stories I write and the language I craft.
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