Art Meets Motion

I love travel writers.  They move and flow around places while giving glimpses of them to us in their writings so as to fill our minds with images, smells, activity, events, etc..  These little birds of flight peer into the unknown and share their findings.  This we all love about them.  I can sit at home and open the pages of a great travel book, and I’m there.  If it is well done, heck, I don’t ever have to actually visit that place because I have been there.  That is the power of these words that they spin.  Transposition occurs!

I am now standing, sitting, swimming–existing in the place where she once was.  If her writing excels, then I become her.  I move in the ways that she does.  I smell the smells and see everything.  The transformative, translocation, transmogrifying  power residing in the words written by the travel writer amazes me.   Excellent words have this potential.  Just thinking about this aspect of writing illustrates the power of words.

Here, at this moment, I question, What can surpass this aspect of writing for these kinds of effects?  I start to say, “Nothing . . .” Heck, I even almost put an exclamation point at the end of nothing!!!! I never do that. . . tisk.  Then, I magically run across something like this blog and the whole experience is taken to a new level.  I am only able to say this because the travel writer, who also is an artist, draws and writes about places.  No mere feat I assure you.  I could attempt to do so as well, but I don’t think stick figures cut it some how.

So, without further adieu I give you the blog of Candace Rose Rardon and entreat you to think about the blending of art and words, really existing in the same realm of imagination, and how this brings a new depth and breadth to travel writing.

I would end by saying something pithy, but I think I will let her work explain my words.

About Kevin Pajak

Of the many, many things I have done, nothing compares to the excitement I feel when writing and playing with both language and theory. Although challenging at times, wordplay brings a special flavor to the universe and allows all of us to see in unique and magic ways. Playing with language--that beast that can never be tamed--gives me an unfettered, ever new vision of the world around. I want to share this love of the written word through the stories I write and the language I craft.
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