Many of you may know that I follow Candace at Moment Sketchers. She has risen once again to the challenge and succeeded. Somehow she seems to activate my internals. This time she posted a blog about cabins. After reading it click here I was compelled, which I am usually not, to write a comment. So many comments are banal. I want to share my comment and maybe expand on it.
Here is my comment:

So inspiring, I, as a writer, am thinking about spaces as loci for creation. The cabin motif stands as one such event. Cabins are unique in that they are separated from but by doing so they unify with.

Separate from Society/ Unify with Nature
Separate from the rush of life (qua skimming stone on water)/ unify with calm reflection (qua depth of inner being)
Separate from Exterior / Unify with interior (Although here this interior also has an exterior at the threshold like a window or door).

I love the cabins I have seen and experienced and lived and merged with over my years. They are mystic places for they never stand in the midst of society but exterior to it. Moreover, the openness they cause brings forth the fountain of creativity so sought for in life and so lost to us in society. We need these places of calm reflection as much as breath for both bring life and vibrancy to us and the world. Thank you for sharing. I dream of being able to sketch to paint to draw more than stick figures. Alas my craft is words. Still, I doodle. Mayhaps that is enough.

End of Comment.

I think I will expand on it, just not right now.

About Kevin Pajak

Of the many, many things I have done, nothing compares to the excitement I feel when writing and playing with both language and theory. Although challenging at times, wordplay brings a special flavor to the universe and allows all of us to see in unique and magic ways. Playing with language--that beast that can never be tamed--gives me an unfettered, ever new vision of the world around. I want to share this love of the written word through the stories I write and the language I craft.
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