Too Long

I have forgotten now so many things that it seems I hant lived very long. But! My blue grey hair tells me that I have. But! My bony fingers cracked and hooked tell me otherwise. If I only knew where to begin what to do, then I could begin. Its so sad when we forget our lives like we’re wont to do when we get old? Am I old? I don’ t remember. I look about the room and see many a thing, some I even have names for, but most I don’t. I guess I am…not young, but then who is young anyway. Babies are not young they are bundles of seeking. Mydel aged folks, nah, they are not young either. Movement is their name. I used to dash hither and thither. Now, I sit here in this worn, wooden rocking chair and hum tunes to the wall. Sometimes, she talks back. She is big so big and made of beautiful natural stone. There’s someone who’s old. Hee hee hee….Lime-Lass tats what I call her. There she is now silently smiling her limestone smile at me. Then again, my watery eyes might be playing tricks. I wonder. Rubbing them, I blink over and over again trying to clear of water. She wants no part of that.

“No tears no Jack. The time has come for you to tell me another tale,” Lime-Lass says.

“Yes,” out loud to the dark silent room I shout. “I will tell another tale.”

“Will this one be true?” she asks.

“Can’t say if it will. Only just wait until it’s done, then we’ll know. Relax my love and let me tell you of the fish and boot. No, better yet I will tell you of the rock that fell from the hole in space. You like rocks. This I know.”

“Yes, I love them. They are my friends. Where have all of your’s gone?” she questions.

“Now, now no need to get like that. I don’t remember where they went. But they had wrinkled skin like me. Might be they stepped out for a bit. Rest assured they will return. They are my friends after all even if I can’t r’member their names.”

Startled, she states, “What do you mean you can’t remember their names. Are they not your dear dear friends? Have they been with you when you won that race against the sun. And were they not there to see you catch that fish the size of lif? Where have they gone?”

“I can’t remember but then that may be from age. I think I am old, so very old. But! Then I can’t remember. I hope you are ready for the tale – love.” This made her smile. “I will only take a short nap and then I will begin.”

He slept with dreams larger than life. Long time he slept. One morning he woke to the rising of the morning dew, life’s first breath of the day. The story and his stone wall love all forgotten, he jumped up and in his long sleeping gown rushed headlong out into the front all the while shouting. “Wait Tom, wait Tom.”

About Kevin Pajak

Of the many, many things I have done, nothing compares to the excitement I feel when writing and playing with both language and theory. Although challenging at times, wordplay brings a special flavor to the universe and allows all of us to see in unique and magic ways. Playing with language--that beast that can never be tamed--gives me an unfettered, ever new vision of the world around. I want to share this love of the written word through the stories I write and the language I craft.
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